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Public Relations Agency
And Press Office in Milan

Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione works in Public Relations and building Press Offices with an entrepreneurial approach.
At our Milanese agency we aim to improve brand reputations, services and products, by focusing on a specific audience, identified by careful preventive research and analysis.

The professionals in our office have 360 degree know-how - from business culture such as consulting - to planning and managing press offices for businesses and products, making them protagonists in the media, offline and online: newspapers, magazines , Radio, TV, web portals and social channels. We deal with the production and distribution of press releases, case histories, set up interviews, press conferences, events and media plans and oversee all aspects of social media management.

The results are demonstrable and measurable through constant media monitoring, monthly reports and digital press reviews to ensure the job is done with transparency and objectivity.

Our customised approach allows us to manage public relations, integrating them with communication and marketing for a comprehensive end result, highly profiled on the visibility requirements of the company concerned.
Partnership and collaboration are a fundamental part of the planning and executive development of the communication strategy, starting with Public Relations and setting up a Press Office.

Public Relations and Press Offices

Our PR and Press Office services include:
  • Development of communication and marketing strategies
  • Drafting and distribution of different press releases based on target audiences
  • Production of editorial and publishing companies
  • Realisation of case histories
  • Organisation of one-to-one interviews and meetings
  • Managing Social Media
  • Daily media monitoring
  • Realisation of press reviews
  • Monthly report activity with analysis and measurement of the goals achieved

Press conferences,
Events and Media Planning

Thanks to an internal and external, synergistic and structured organisation, Esseci is involved in the organisation of press conferences, press tours, interviews, road shows and round-tables.
Among our services we also oversee:
  • Preparation of press folders for events and fairs
  • Organisation of "turnkey" events
  • Realisation of internal and corporate publications
  • Management and monitoring of product testing, product placement and photographic services
  • Complete planning and management of a Media Plan (from the purchase of advertising spaces to the coordination of traffic)

Online communications strategy

Communicating is dynamic in nature, and as such there is a need for great flexibility, and the ability to display a brand anywhere and everywhere. Today, this is made possible by new media, an invaluable resource for hitting the most niche of target audiences.
Always aware of brand evolution and progress, in line with our philosophy and integrated approach, we offer detailed and in-depth advice on online communication strategies and the realisation of digital press reviews.
New media and advanced technologies also allow us to study and reach a wider and diversified user pool, with the help of "data", that is, of all that digital information relevant to the topic or brand. We can then generate and manage an effective and direct communication campaign aimed at increased visibility of a brand, its products and services.
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