Esseci- better to stand out.

Promote your brand
with stand-communication systems

Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione promotes the visibility of brands, businesses, institutions and professionals through integrated strategies optimised to achieve real business goals.

Public Relations, Press Offices, Marketing Consulting, Sales Promotion, Media Planning and Advertising Graphics are our key areas of activity through which we characterise and distinguish a brand and bring value to its services and products.
The team at Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione is made up of young, enthusiastic and enterprising professionals who are creative and skilled in planning synergic communication and identifying the right target audience.

Winning communication is making an event memorable or a brand recognisable, we understand that a piece of simple text can pique great interest, emotion and provoke reactions. We know how to grab attention with an impressive graphic images,
from logos through to company brochures and leaflets.

Our work begins with strategy and our objective must be clear from the start so that we can build an integrated communication system, with each brick firmly in place to create a solid growing structure.

Creativity and skills, market knowledge and the ability to interpret language are the means to good communications. In this way we can convey clear and comprehensible messages with appropriate, profiled targets and client measurables.

Our advertising agency also oversees event organisation, sets up Press Production Offices, creates advertising campaigns and graphic materials such as brochures and business leaflets.

Event and communications agency in Milan

Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazioneassists you with professionalism and expertise in building a winning and profiled image of your brand with the aim of achieving your most ambitious business goals.
We offer consulting services for Public Relations and Business Communication to define the target audience, identify the most appropriate strategy and reach the potential niches involved.
Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione collaborates with internal communication professionals and external consultants, in line with the philosophy and spirit of the company.
This teamwork is at the core of what we do. We work creatively, spanning the vast world of communication, using the correct tools for the job at hand. We value human resources and encourage professional growth in a collaborative and sharing environment.
Event and communication agency in Milan

Communicate emotionally

Communication strategies are the result of a dialogue with clients who turn to us for assistance. First of all, in the strategic phase, we aim to define business goals to identify strategic opportunities and throw out the first lines of communication, aimed at maximum visibility on traditional and new generation media.
At the heart of our work, the emphasis of key-messages is to promote the brand image with energy and expressive power.
Emotion is the keyword that is increasingly pertinent in our dialectics. And we do it with awareness and cognition of cause, without neglecting anything: from market research to marketing analysis, to establish targeting and communication channels: public relations and press offices. The organization of graphic and advertising events.

We are local and global

We take a "glocal" media approach: both local and global. Sparkling and always moving, we span marketing to communication from advertising to events, both for the visibility of small and medium sized companies and businesses, and the vastest international ones. Our proposals provide flexible solutions, with packages tailored to meet actual and concrete needs, and to best match the available client budget.
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