Communication, Branding
And Marketing agency in Milan

Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione is a global consultant agency for Branding and Marketing Strategies.
We are focussed on creative solutions to communicate a brand in an original and innovative way.
From the logo to the advertising material, we design and develop promotional, advertising, institutional and commercial actions for companies.
A successful brand is what emerges and achieves recognition among industry competitors. Let us help support and promote your brand amongst your peers.

Graphic design and marketing strategy

The strength of brand image lies in its ability to impress in people's minds. But to succeed in this endeavour and be recognised in an ocean of advertising messages, a conscious study is needed, capable of building a unique and compelling image. Visual experience has to exercise a magnetic power to remember, but also achieve the right target of reference.
Our business, in this specific field, focuses on the study of logo, corporate image and all advertising material.
Our staff are able to design, develop, and create synergy between graphics and commercial, institutional, and commercial actions.

Graphics and advertising services

Graphics and marketing are the tools to build a coordinated brand image and promote it through the right channels with the available budget.
Graphics have a central role in making a brand unique and exclusive, recognisable at a glance. The brand's strength communicates through a detailed Visual Branding study and coordinated promotional actions.
In detail, we deal with:
  • Advertising
  • Ideation and realisation of advertising campaigns
  • Study and realisation of POP material and below-the-line
  • Creating promotions for trade, sellers, and end users
  • Offline marketing
  • Product brochure / company brochure
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations

The corporate image, from logo to advertising material

Corporate image is a dynamic evolutionary process that goes through several phases.
Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione works with
image professionals who have been involved in the study of logos since brand communications began. We specialise in creating effective business cards and letterheads, to create a co-ordinated, complete, and consistent business image.
From the first small steps to the most advanced phases of brand development, we create structured projects for clients including brochures and POPs, packaging and event-stand construction.
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