Esseci- advertising agency in Milan, organising events throughout Italy

Esseci is a communications agency offering clients all the tools necessary to communicate brand image, initiatives and essence with targeted global studies, obtained from a range of integrated channels.
Event organisation is one of these and we provide comprehensive "turnkey" solutions in our Event Management services.

The most effective brand marketing usually involves direct contact between people.
For a company or institution it is essential to build a strong and solid image with clear and concrete goals.
Communicating brand value is essential for a solid reputation- consensus and credibility.
The event is just one aspect of an integrated strategy- a chapter in a bigger, longer story.

Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione works up ideas, designs and coordinates inaugurations, press conferences and seminars, online and offline, launches new products, sets up research and assistance for exhibitions. We assist you at every stage of your event: from design to catering, location and set-up, creating invitations, managing RSVP's and arranging endorsements.

Planning and organising events

Events are a promotional tool, an opportunity to refine public relations, set goals and monitor our audience's feeling. The event by its nature reaches a diversified target audience, consisting of journalists, partners, prospects and end consumers. This is its strength and we know how to make full use of its potential, investing in creativity and organisational capacity to design and create impressive client events.
We create perfect, thoughtful, stylish events that are on-brand and effective in their communication.

Our high-impact event services

From consultation to execution, each stage of creating the perfect brand event is the result of an accurate study according to objectives and budgets. Our team plans, organises and manages every aspect of your event:
  • Managing relationships with suppliers
  • Location, site inspection, and budget estimation
  • VIP or entertainment personality presence
  • Design, management and distribution of invitations
  • RSVP's
  • Complete event management
  • Wide visibility in the media

Consulting and event planning

Event organisation requires in-depth knowledge of the reference industry. Investing in a business event represents the opportunity to get acquainted with and acknowledged by a vast and varied public. The focus is on the brand, in a multifaceted projection according to the brand's "point of view". We know that every brand, product or service has different viewers, from consumers to professionals and we generate events with this knowledge in mind. That's why communication must be stylish and original, reaching both types of audience, versatile and effective in all its forms and languages.
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