Corporate marketing services throughout Italy

Our team of staff at Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione constantly invests in creativity, strategy and planning to realise an integrated communication plan to promote brands through any form of advertising necessary, in line with the agreed budget.
Our approach is to focus on entrepreneurship and the realisation of operational plans aimed at optimising sales through careful analysis of the most important marketing mix levers. Based on this preliminary research we then design and implement an advertising campaign that best suits your needs.

Advisory advertising campaigns

We offer technical and logistical support in identifying the right medium for the effective presentation of your product. We remind ourselves that a brand has a vital essence, a soul that is expressed through different languages, from graphics to the channel through which we make the brand visible and its products. Advertising must send a clear yet creative, message to the public, capable of conjuring up the right images and ideas. Our creative team boasts professionalism and expertise in ad hoc advertising campaigns that can communicate ideas with captivating images and provocative concepts.

Online marketing communications

Marketing and online communication are two key areas of our work in brand promotion and visibility. Targeted marketing actions enable us to identify and define needs and target goals. Only after focusing and establishing these key elements, we can propose strategic consultations and develop winning projects that aim to have real market impact.
Our work in marketing consultation also goes through online communication: the opportunities offered by net economy, in fact, result in real growth opportunities and concrete results for companies. Again, we begin with the analysis of the niche reference and the benefits that the products and services offer consumers to create detailed, tailor-made planning.

Media Planning

Communication campaigns can develop through a range of different channels and reference media. Esseci - Sistemi di Comunicazione acts as an intermediary to evaluate and take advantage of the most suitable channels and prices for advertising in the various means available. TV, radio, commercial and / or general advertising pages are resources and spaces available for brand placement.
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